Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Welcome to my blog. Feel free to comment, criticize or air your views on the topics that will be up for discussion. As mentioned before this is a requirement for the course Web2.0 that I am currently taking. I have never been the 'editor in chief' of a blog before, but I sure have commented on other blogs. There was one that I once followed and it was almost like I had a fixation for that blog, I would go on every day that I could and numerous times for the day. For the days I missed, I would read all the posts that were made just to make sure I was on par with the discussions. As a fellow blogger commented, it was almost like a soap opera and he felt the need to get a little of it every day.

Well, I'm not entirely new to all these technologies that we will be exploring in class, I have at least heard about them. But as I said on e-class, I don't subscribe to all the ships in the digital harbour.

I have been on the social networking site Hi5, and I had opened a Facebook account, but didn't really see the need for having two of the same sites, as having just one was time-consuming enough. However, since most of my friends have migrated to Facebook, I have my feet on both 'ships' now.

Twitter, for one I have never used before. Heard what it had to offer and I was not fascinated (still not fascinated), but, I have joined it none-the-less and I will see how my experience goes for the term. In my honest opinion, twitter is like an 'invitation to be stalked'. Why would I want people to follow me? Don't get me wrong, I think it has its place, like in journalism -it's always great to have breaking news......more on my tweet thoughts another time.

While it's a fascinating time to be in school with regards to the technology and numerous gadgets that abounds, I think it's unfair for teachers to think or to be told that they need to be one-step ahead of their students at all time. It's just unrealistic and impractical. Integrating technology in the classroom is great, if the tool that is being used doesn't end up detracting or distracting students/teachers from the real matter at hand......LEARNING.


I have taken up photography as a hobby, especially taking my own pictures. I guess it was always in my genes as both my parents are photographers. I keep getting an internal error when trying to upload my picture, even though I have cropped it, so here's my work around